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What Are The Requirements For A Qualified Packing Box?
Jun 28, 2017

Carton packaging as an important component of product packaging, its role is not only to make the product exquisite, easy to sell, but also to protect the responsibility of products. Which of the in the end a qualified carton packaging, what requirements to meet?

In the daily life, manufacturers in the packaging of products, will be the first packaging shell inspection, only the inspection of qualified packaging to carry out product packaging. At present, the test of packaging carton mainly includes: Edge pressure test, abrasion test, flat pressure test, adhesion stripping test, puncture test and moisture test.

The test of edge pressure is mainly to check whether the bracket strength of the carton can withstand the gravity within the range.

Wear test, mainly to test the unit area of the cardboard can withstand even the maximum pressure value.

Adhesion stripping test, mainly to test the adhesive strength of the various parts of the carton, if the bonding strength is not easy to cause delamination, this will reduce the strength of the carton.

Puncture test, mainly to test the cardboard resistance to external shocks can withstand the energy value.

Gouache test, mainly to check the paper box water absorption capacity to achieve moisture resistance.

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