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The Different Forms Between Domestic And Foreign High-end Gift Packaging Ideas
Jul 21, 2017

The different forms between Domestic and foreign high-end gift packaging ideas

Maxky has many years of experience in high-end gift packaging. Different countries of the aesthetic are not the same, everyone is not the same, and now the gift packaging can be in the rapid development, both at home and abroad, because gifts in the usual life is indispensable, Especially what more high-end gifts are packed with high grade  packaging.


Due to various systems, all kinds of economic shape, a variety of consumer groups at the same time coexist, resulting in the Chinese market has become the world's packaging culture and packaging products hodgepodge. In the large supermarkets, different styles of packaging products dazzling, everything, and on behalf of the Chinese national design style products are very few and generally lack of personality and user-friendly design, in short, China's packaging design market in the overall irregular status.


From the design of the screen feel that foreign high-end gift packaging pay attention to fresh and natural, harmonious and smooth, the overall picture, the content is not much, but the performance of things but no lack of charm, can show the author's mood. And the domestic high-end gift design will basically have red, yellow, printed gold and silver printing process, because the red, gold, silver and other colors in China are a symbol of elegance, so in China's design with these colors to display A product of high-grade. In the packaging skills, foreign packaging pay attention to the art, and the domestic packaging is about technical.


Domestic packaging design original requirements are not so high, but also to promote learning abroad. In the performance techniques at home and abroad are also very different, foreign design practices are diverse, it can be said that every work out there, there will be a way to show. While the domestic packaging design performance approach.


The above is the high-end gift packaging at home and abroad different performance, our company set 10 years of experience in the production of packaging products, adhering to the "quality first, customer first" principle, combined with our excellent team and superb management model, and strive to create the domestic and over seas first-class Of the packaging products


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