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Strong Stability Of Paper Cans
Dec 06, 2017

Strong stability. Paper can glue glue in the normal environment will not precipitate when used, will not delaminate nor rancid. And paper jelly liquid is mainly water as solvent, does not contain any organic volatiles, does not contain heavy metal ions, no special odor, the environment has a very good protective effect, health.

 Paper cans, also known as paper cans, paper, is yi kinds of metal, paper, plastic packaging as a circular package, paper cans is the primary raw material for paper, which is a national advocate of environmentally friendly production, which is a promising industry. Now hot selling paper cans, which is inseparable from the improvement of our living standards. As one of the most popular potato chips nowadays, what are the characteristics of paper cans? The overall design needs of paper cans, with well-designed paper cans, give people a beautiful and high-end experience. Everyone is a visual animal , Beautiful things people will willing to spend more thought and price to buy, which is why the price of potato chips in paper can be doubled, really still sales of excellent reasons. Unique "PE + foil + paper" or "Tetra Pak" to make the product has more advantages than ferrous cans. Rust-free products, the contents of the less damp, longer shelf life of food.


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