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Paper Cans Features
Nov 09, 2017

Paper packaging materials widely used, the rapid development. Paper packaging in developed countries accounted for about 50% of the output value of packaging, packaging paper accounted for more than 40% of the total output of paper and cardboard.

To sum up, the advantages of paper packaging materials and containers as follows:

Can satisfy the three major functions of the packaging well; processing and molding is easy, and easy to emerge mechanization, automation, high-speed; wide range of uses, shapes and forms of changeable; meet environmental requirements, is a green packaging materials; Relative to the metal, glass and other products, paper production costs lower.

However, paper packaging also has insufficient rigidity, poor sealing, poor moisture resistance and other shortcomings. Some of the shortcomings of paper packaging are being overcome by various modern techniques. For example, study of composite cardboard, moisture-proof paper

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