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Packaging Paper, Cardboard And Cardboard Quality And Lightweight
Dec 20, 2017

In order to make full use of natural resources and minimize the costs of postal delivery and transportation, the production of a variety of paper, cardboard and boxboard of low quality is the trend of paper products in various countries in the world at present. China has raised the issue of low quantification in newsprint, letterpress and offset printing paper, sack paper, etc. and has already started to solve it. In the packaging of paper and cardboard and other products should also achieve high quality lightweight and species diversity.

In particular, the largest amount of corrugated paper and kraft linerboard, according to the domestic market demand for high-grade crates, should be appropriate to increase the quality of the original product under the premise of adding three low-volume products, corrugated paper that the new 100g / m2 A variety of kraft paperboard added 21g / m2, 200g / m2 two varieties.


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