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Knowledge Up: How To Make The Pretty Paper Cans Packaging?
Dec 19, 2017

1:Die cutting indentation:

One of the most commonly used processes for paper drums / cans and packages is the molding process that uses a die cutter to die cut or cut into the desired pattern according to the design requirements of the drum / paper can.


As the paper canister offset printing ink layer is relatively thin, can easily lead to insufficient ink saturation, the overall gloss of paper cans is often poor, with a coating or polishing process to improve the surface gloss of printed matter, thereby enhancing the paper canned ink Layer of brightness, but also provides an effective layer of paper cans packaging protection, so that the color of paper packaging can be processed in the post-press and storage and transportation packaging will not be due to friction and fall off. Plastic film used in the film is transparent, high gloss and inexpensive. As the coated paper is difficult to recycle, non-degradable and easy to cause white pollution, the traditional ready-to-use coated adhesive material will be replaced by high quality and environment-friendly new adhesive.


Not only can enhance the bright surface of the paper packaging can protect the printed graphics, but does not affect the paper recycling, can save resources and protect the environment. Therefore, it is widely used in the surface coating of paper cans.

4:From the convex process

Since the convex process is mainly used pressurized method, the pattern transfer pressure to the surface of the material. Embossing effect from the convex process, the drum / paper cans more beautiful packaging theme more vivid, more sense of touch.

5:UV process

UV technology used in the drum / paper can packaging industry, the process is characterized by: in general offset paper products or BOPP dumb film, the use of screen printing process, the paper pattern coating, the coating area with the matte Or bright surface to form a strong contrast, the need to emphasize the picture to finish the finishing touch effect: partial UV, crystal Braille, colorful, frosted and so on.

6:Hot stamping process

Paper drum In the fierce market competition, in order to increase the added value of the product, more effective packaging security, more and more packaging paper cans using hot stamping process. Hot stamping foil is mainly the use of heat and pressure of the way, the pattern or text transferred to be hot stamping material surface. End bronzing features: a clear pattern, beautiful, colorful and colorful eye-catching, bronzing in the paper drum / can packaging, can play a prominent design theme of the role of landscaping products.

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