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Folded Paper Box Packaging
Nov 10, 2017

After cutting and creasing the relatively thin (usually 0.3-1 mm) board, the sheet is primarily folded into a stack.

Advantages: ① low cost; ② low circulation costs; ③ high production efficiency, suitable for large quantities and mechanized production; ④ structural changes and more.

Disadvantages: ① low intensity, generally only suitable for packaging 1-2.5kg the following products. ② appearance and texture is not elegant enough.

Mostly used in small items, can be used for food (three plus two soda biscuits), gift boxes (decorative small pieces of products) and other carton applications

paper can features.jpg

Paste carton with veneer material to paste the substrate cardboard, mounted on the carton. Paste the carton of raw materials and veneer materials are two types. The main non-durable substrate cardboard (such as grass paper, etc.), lining materials have lining and veneer two.

Advantages: (1) Choose a variety of veneer materials, a wide range of uses; (2) better rigidity, impact resistance; (3) high stacking strength; (4) small batch production, less equipment investment, economy Good; (5) Has a good display, promotional features.

Disadvantages: ① not suitable for mechanized production, which is not suitable for mass production ② can not be folded stacking, and thus high circulation costs (transport space).

For less stable, mostly used for lighter weight products, packaging of food packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, small household goods packaging

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