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China's Paper Products Packaging Development: Thriving
Sep 17, 2017

In recent years, with the international financial crisis gradually subsided, foreign paper products packaging market to pick up. At the same time, some of China's paper products export enterprises from export to domestic sales transformation, the domestic policy of paper products packaging industry to support China's paper packaging industry to show a thriving development situation.


Increasing product variety. There are many kinds of paper products packaging industry, mainly corrugated, honeycomb paper and embossed paper three categories, derived from these three categories of paper packaging and paper boxes, cartons, paper bags, paper cups, pulp molding, which cartons, paper Boxes and paper cups are products that are sold in larger products in the market. In recent years, China's paper packaging industry production and sales scale expansion, and an increase of more than 20%.

paper tube box.jpg

Industry concentration to be improved. China's paper packaging industry above the scale of production enterprises more than 4,000, the vast majority of small and medium enterprises. Although after nearly 30 years of development, the industry has emerged on a number of scale, technologically advanced production enterprises. But the overall view, paper products packaging industry concentration is still very low, are atomic market structure, industry competition is very intense. At the same time, in the Chinese paper products packaging market huge demand and rapid growth trend, the world's major paper products packaging production enterprises have entered the Chinese market, industry market competition is becoming increasingly fierce.


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