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China's Paper Packaging Development Momentum Is Very Strong
Sep 15, 2017

In recent years, with the rapid economic growth, paper packaging industry has been rapid. According to the planning department, paper packaging products from 2001 to 2005 is expected to reach 19 million tons, from 2006 to 2010 to 27 million tons, from 2011 to 2015 reached 36 million tons.

Since 2003, some foreign companies have optimistic about China's packaging market, some domestic paper bag business aimed at the market grasping opportunities, investment and development, and promote the scale of production, product quality.

OEM cardboard cylinder box pencil paper tube box packaging (5).jpg

In recent years, China's packaging carton industry has been rapid development. In particular, domestic and foreign brand products and export products on the carton, carton quality and printing requirements are getting higher and higher, so that the quality of paper packaging quality continues to increase. First, carton transport packaging gradually to the development of commodity packaging, carton printing text design requirements clear, two-color gradually developed to three-color, six-color, color matching, network to 60 lines to 80 lines, while packaging printing machinery high precision. And the development of flexible version of packaging printing. Second, the packaging of white cardboard gradually replace the gray cardboard, the development of white color printing, water-based ink instead of oily oil, so that the packaging box surface beautiful, clear, bright, high printing technology content, improve product added value, and meet the environmental requirements

OEM cardboard cylinder box pencil paper tube box packaging (3).jpg

Experts believe that in the next ten years, the paper packaging industry will remain in the development of the adjustment of the growth period. With the development of the global economy, the acceleration of the urbanization process, the improvement of people's living standards, the upgrading of the consumption structure, the supply and demand of the paper market will continue to grow rapidly. The paper packaging industry has a huge development space.

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