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Aluminum Easy Open End
Nov 12, 2017

Easy to pull the lid, also known as easy to open the lid, is used to seal the lid with a pull ring, belonging to metal packaging products. Multi-use aluminum or tin made, a variety of sizes, suitable for cans, aluminum cans, composite cans, PET plastic cans and paper cans. Easy to pull lid is used in food canning industry metal can lid. Easy to pull lid has excellent mechanical properties, mainly in the high temperature, humidity resistance, pressure, insect resistance, resistance to harmful substances erosion. Not easy to break, easy to carry, adapt to the fast-paced life of modern society. Recycling can be recycled.

In general, drink-type lid is divided into pull-ring cover (RPT) and environmental cover (SOT). Drink-type lid has excellent barrier properties. Not only can block the gas, but also block light, the beverage can have a longer shelf life. For the same thickness of the lid, under normal circumstances, cover the allowance for the cover than the pull ring cover is small, which is based on the requirements of the opening mechanism and the special design of the difference. At present, easy to open the lid manufacturer is to control the two different forms of open easy to open the scotch allowance, and the thickness of the machine to determine the specific value of the situation. In general, if the scotch allowance of the eco-cover is increased to the control of the pull-ring cover, it may not be able to be normally opened. Similarly, if the scoring allowance of the tab ring is reduced to that of the cap, the problem of flapping is more likely to occur with the can drink product.

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