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Why Printing method so important?
Feb 25, 2018

Why Printing method so important?

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1 to flexo-based

North America is a typical representative of flexo printing technology as a self-adhesive label. The main equipment is small and medium-sized unit printing unit, ink-based, roll-to-roll printing, round die cutting mode, with high production efficiency, advanced technology and meet the environmental requirements and so on.

2. Embossed and flexo half

This processing method in Europe, the application of flexographic printing basically the same with the United States, Toppan Printing also holds a 50% ratio, and all the relief printing UV ink, most of the equipment stacked or satellite. Material processing methods are also roll-to-roll printing.

3 to embossing based

This approach is mainly in the Asia Pacific region. Most developing countries in the Asia-Pacific region are still lagging behind in label printing. Even with letterpress printing, only a minority are using UV ink devices. Most label printing still uses resin-based inks, roll-to-roll and sheet-fed printing Coexistence; due to a higher proportion of artificial labeling, so the sheet-fed offset adhesive labels widely used in die-cutting mode to die-based die-cutting.

4 Offset printing

Offset printing label printing company in China is the main way of printing self-adhesive. Offset printing is characterized by fine graphics, rich layers, suitable for high-volume printing, and printing equipment can be a multi-purpose machine, suitable for the characteristics of China's label market. However, sheetfed offset printing is not suitable for printing on the surface of non-absorbent film, because the film label is mostly roll-to-roll printing, the need for volatile dry ink. Offset printing thick plastic materials, such as the mold label, tag tag, but must be added to the machine uv curing device, the need for a small fee.

5 Screen printing

Screen printing is the most adaptable printing on the substrate, at present, there are many screen printing plant using low-cost screen printing equipment contract label and film label printing business. Screen printing label is characterized by heavy ink, three-dimensional sense of strong, uv ink printed film products can be used. In addition to the handful of several rotary screen printing equipment capable of volume-to-volume label printing, most of the screen printing equipment for the semi-automatic flat screen printing machine, printing only a single product, overprint accuracy is not high, not suitable for supporting the production line Film label production equipment. Postpress process In the business transformation at the same time should also pay attention to the corresponding changes in label printing process, such as printing self adhesive label, according to the label application form postpress processing is divided into single sheet processing and reel Paper processing.

Printing process

Label printing is a special printing, under normal circumstances its printing and finishing is done on the label machine, that is, multi-channel processing processes in a few stations on a machine to complete. Because it is on-line processing, adhesive label printing quality control is a comprehensive printing, processing issues, from the choice of materials, equipment configuration and control from the formulation of the process of comprehensive consideration and implementation, and tracking The application of the label product at the customer's site to further improve the quality of the label product.

Select raw materials, be sure to choose high-quality, physical and chemical indicators are qualified self-adhesive materials, not to use expired or unstable physical and chemical indicators of the product. Because the latter is low in price, due to the unstable quality of such materials, it consumes a lot in each process and even causes the equipment to be unable to process normally. As a result, the raw materials are wasted and a great deal of manpower and material resources are wasted. As a result, the processing cost of finished labels Not necessarily low, more serious is also likely to be customer returns, or even lose customers.


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