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Why need proofing before printing?
Apr 09, 2018

Why need proofing before printing?


When many customers print pictures, promotional leaflets and other printed materials, in order to reduce the occurrence of error rates and reduce the production of color, printing companies often require customers to proof in advance, so why should proof? What is the situation that must be proofed, and what circumstances can it not be proofed? To briefly describe this issue, let us first understand the printing process, then you will naturally understand.

For example, if we want to print an album, the first step must have been a design. This is not the main business scope of the printing factory, but we must know that printing needs to be cut, and it will involve cutting error, in order to reduce this In the case of errors, we will make blood spots on the four sides of the album, but this is not enough, and sometimes we need to take a look at the actual cut-out effect, so this involves proofing. When designing, we also need to understand that the color of the computer is not the same as the color of the printing. To make the color closer to the expectation, we can only determine the deviation range of the color by multiple proofs. Especially when we need to print in large quantities, we do several proofings, adjusting colors, and then proofing to ensure the final results. Finally, the printing factory takes the final sample for the customer to ensure that the batch printing is consistent with the proofing. . In addition there are some processes are more difficult to register, such as uv effect, need to go through proofing to determine the registration situation, especially some small text uv is even more so.

In fact, in the printing, not all cases need proofing. For example, when printing leaflets, the most cost-effective imposition printing is used. Because multiple customer documents are printed together, this situation cannot be proofed, so proofing is not required. When the number of printing is relatively small, it is often not proofed, because the cost of proofing is very high. For example, the price of 10,000 copies of the album may only cost 2 yuan per copy, but when it is printed out, it may cost 50 yuan per copy.

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