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What is Stickers printing?
Feb 24, 2018

What is Stickers printing?

sticker paper material.jpg

Self-adhesive refers to printed materials made of paper, film or other special materials as the material, the back is coated with adhesive, and the silicon-based protective paper is the base paper. ● It is single sheet of composite material in terms of product form Printed products, coated with adhesive on the back, can be glued to the place where customers need to bond. In the printing method of adhesive printing are usually used in screen printing, in recent years, due to the development of offset printing technology, adhesive printing also uses offset printing. Need to be printed before printing, plate making. In the post-press processing technology. Need to go through the necessary cutting, when the design has special needs, it will also add some special processing technology, but in general is not complex.

Label printing, printing products because the main products are labels, signs mainly, it is also called trademark printing. Stickers printing, using a dedicated composite paper. This paper must be prefabricated by the paper mill. Generally in the back of the substrate coated with a layer of adhesive, adhesion in easy to peel the release paper. After printing with knife line printing, stripping the excess part of the blank, leaving a certain shape on the release paper printed matter, when used to expose the finished product, paste it into the goods or packaging can be. In addition to paper substrates, there are metal foil, film.

Label printing, the use of label printing machine printing, the printing machine using the web, a paper feed, the paper can be completed printing, bronzing, polishing (or composite plastic film), die-cutting, rewinding waste and cutting Other processes.

sticker 1.gif

With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, adhesive printing market continues to expand, trademarks, stickers, signs, nameplates market share has grown, which has brought unlimited business card printing and membership card making. The so-called self-adhesive printing, that is, under certain pressure, the ink and other substances by printing plate transferred to the back of the pre-coated with a layer of printing the surface of the material process. Compared with ordinary printing, sticker printing has the following characteristics:

① widely used. Not only used in food and beverage, daily sundries, household appliances, stationery and other aspects, but also used in the field of commodity circulation price tags and clothing, textiles, medicine, cosmetics and so on.

② easy to paste. No glue, paste and other adhesives, tear that paste, very convenient, and the appearance of the product without any pollution.

③ with durability. Firmly adhered, sticky and flexible, heat-resistant moisture-resistant, not easy to aging.

④ small investment, quick stickers Adhesive printing products are mostly trademarks and stickers, the smaller format, just a trademark printing press to complete the multi-color printing, laminating, online die-cutting, automatic waste discharge, Process, and the printing speed, resulting in less scrap. One person, one machine, less investment.

Due to the above characteristics of plastic labels, making adhesive printing material, once published, soon the majority of users, replacing the traditional trademark, has become an indispensable commodity logo.

China's self-adhesive printing technology is diversified, high-grade, security, small quantities, more varieties of direction.

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