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Type of paper cans
Jun 28, 2017

1, according to the use of points, that is, what to install in the inside. At present, the market more can be divided into tea

Leaf cans, food cans, wine cans, written cans, calendar cans and so on. Among them, the most common wine cans, with paper tube affixed superscript, the appearance of exquisite, so that the wine does not rise a grade, and the paper can add Pearl cotton, foam gum to the wine has played a very good protective effect.

2, according to the shape, the shape of the market is now more than a round bucket, square barrels, flat barrels, prismatic barrels. One of the most common round barrels, now many supermarkets those red wine are used round barrels, both beautiful and generous.

3, according to the lid of the words, can be divided into two, one is the edge of the roll, it is the bottom cover is cardboard, there is a kind of not to roll edge, upper and lower iron cover (or easy to pull lid).

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