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The structure of the box is divided into several parts and names.
Apr 08, 2018

The structure of the box is divided into several parts and names.

What is the name of a box with a picture of each box?

box structure.jpg

This is a sticky bottom box type

From the structural point of view, the first purple block (15*50) on the left side of the box is sticky or sticky. This is generally called the printing convention. It is not necessarily the same everywhere, and I don’t know What terms. The top purple block (100*20) is called the socket, also called the tongue. The two green blocks (70*40) are called flaps. The sky blue and light purple are called drinking bodies. The magenta color is called the lid. 4 called the bottom of the box.

From the design point of view, generally, the main surface of the box type can be called the main surface in the sky blue block under the magenta or magenta, and the two light purple are the sides. When the blue is the main surface, the magenta is the box. top.

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