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Gift box packaging printing notes
Nov 29, 2018

On the one hand, gift box packaging should satisfy the psychological needs of people eager to integrate into the festive atmosphere, on the other hand, it must reflect the gift-giving culture that Chinese people have passed down from ancient times...

gift box packaging

1, plate making, the current gift box pays attention to the beautiful and beautiful appearance, so the color of the version is also varied, usually a style of gift box not only has 4 basic colors and a few spot colors, such as gold, silver, these are spot colors. 

2, paper selection, the general gift box paper is made of double copper and dumb copper paper, the weight is generally 128g, 105g, 157g...

Magnetic gift box

A packaging gift box using magnetic latching, comprising a cover and a box body, the cover comprises a left cover and a right cover, a flexible fabric cloth is arranged at the intersection of the left cover and the box body, and the inside of the right cover and the box body A flexible fabric cloth is provided, at least one magnetic device is disposed inside the left edge and the upper edge of the box body, and at least one magnetic attraction device is also disposed at the joint portion of the right cover and the upper edge of the box body...

·How heart-shaped gift boxes are packed in wrapping paper

Three methods, the first one is divided into three layers, the bottom, the cover is cut into a heart shape, and the side is a long strip wrapped around. The second is to wrap it in a pleated manner like a cup. The third is to pack in a pocket-type zipper. Which DIY is perfect is very beautiful. The key is the combination of paper and ribbon. If you go to the supermarket shelf or bookstore to find the book wrapped in this gift, you can understand it...

·The design and production process of tea gift box

Let me talk about the design and production process of the tea gift box. Recently, we have seen a lot of beautiful tea gift boxes on the market. We usually make a gift box of tobacco and alcohol. In order to achieve the purpose of promoting sales, play the role of a silent salesperson. Good tea packaging has a collection value, and can also be reused as a reusable package, saving resources...

·How to design high-end gift box packaging image design content

The packaging is very beautiful and intriguing. Of course, this also puts higher demands on the manufacturers of printing houses, ink factories and other ancillary products. It can be found that quite a lot of domestic packaging has reached a relatively high level, which is in no way inferior to similar products in developed countries. This is the result of the industry's eagerness and continuous improvement. It is also...

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