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Foreign Trade packaging box to consider what the problem
Jun 28, 2017

I. Color

Color is the most active factor affecting the vision, people's impression of color is usually the first factor affecting the evaluation of perception, according to the study of foreign relevant institutions: color can instantly enter the consumer's vision and leave the impression, and this first impression accounted for 60% of the purchase process. Successful packaging design in color not only to meet the general aesthetic requirements, but also to meet the consumer's specific cultural attributes of the psychological needs.

II. Patterns and Text graphics

Another embodiment of cultural differences is the perception of patterns that Westerners feel different from the Chinese. The same pattern, in our country may be auspicious, in the West may be fierce. Crane in our country is a good and spiritual representative, but in France is a fool and a whore. The words "Fu" and "bat" in our country are homophonic, thus the bat is the symbol of blessing, but the bat in America is associated with terror and death. Therefore, in the use of various patterns to carry out packaging design, it is necessary to understand the consumer taboo in the importer of goods

III. Accuracy of translation

Accurate text translation translates the content of the expression into a target market country language is one of the keys to building trust and communicating information correctly. The translation should take into account the problems of grammar, idiomatic usage and free translation. For example, "production" is generally said: "Madeby", "Froducedby", "Brewedby". The production of different goods needs different words.

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