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Food paper cans design principles!
Mar 07, 2018

Food paper cans design principles!


1.green packaging material

Green food paper cans packaging in line with sustainable development strategy, it is gradually becoming the mainstream of food cans packaging design direction. In particular, the implementation of green packaging for functional foods is not only conducive to the maintenance and development of health care functions, but also conforms to the scientific development concept and follows the trend of sustainable development. However, in the practice of functional food packaging, green packaging is difficult to promote the implementation. For the health beer industry, green packaging has not yet been achieved.


In functional food paper cans packaging, should be possible to use recyclable, renewable or biodegradable green packaging materials. Green paper cans for functional food packaging materials include: biodegradable materials, edible materials, recyclable materials and quasi-green packaging materials. Biodegradable materials mainly refers to materials that can be degraded by light, oxygen, heat, biology, water, and other filling materials such as plants, natural fibers and shells. Edible materials include polysaccharides, proteins, microbial polyesters and fatty acid- Polysaccharide - protein composite packaging materials. Paper cans can be recycled paper cans, but also can be degraded, it is a suitable functional food packaging materials.

According to the 3rd issue of 2005, "Technology Equipment for Drinks and Beverages" reported that developed countries such as the United States and Japan have recently developed a food-grade composite paper canister that can replace metal, glass and ceramic packaging containers for functional food packaging. This paper can have some obvious advantages: (1) odorless, non-toxic, safe and reliable; (2) easy to use, the price is lower; (3) easy to recycle treatment; (7) can withstand positive pressure and negative pressure, suitable for vacuum or nitrogen packaging; (8) the shape of a variety of structures, The outer layer can be multi-color printing; (9) a small density, only 30% of cans.

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