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Discussion on the development process of Chinese compound paper tank
Jun 28, 2017

China's composite paper cans industry started in the 1980s, the first production enterprises for the Chinese industry Hall from several countries to introduce 13 automatic production lines, distributed in China's north and south. Since then, China has been the real sense of the emergence of a spiral production of composite paper cans enterprises. That is, from then on, the Chinese people through the disassembly, decomposition, began to copy and design the composite paper cans production equipment. A spark can also be a prairie fire, domestic enterprises through continuous development and improvement, learn from foreign advanced technology, to its dross to extract its essence, China's composite tank packaging enterprises to achieve today's results.

The development of China's composite paper cans is at least 10 years behind the developed countries. The first batch of state-owned automatic canning equipment, almost all stopped working. The state-owned enterprises ' own limitations and shortcomings, we are here no longer one by one comments. In addition, there are many factors such as domestic market fluctuation, unstable raw material price and fierce sales competition. 30 years ago, the domestic market is the buyer's market, and now a variety of supermarket products variety, different patterns can not be compared. At that time the people's material resources are very poor, as for the quality of the outer packaging, the use of convenience, the appearance of attractive eyes, etc. is not important. This led to our paper cans packaging enterprises sell products more difficult. Packaging is not essential to the lives of ordinary people, and packaging companies also have many cheaper alternatives to packaging products to block the development of the paper tank market. Raw material is also a very important factor. In the early stages of the transformation, the paper industry in China is mostly small mills at the county level. More to cotton rod, wheat rod for raw materials for low-grade paper production, paper thickness unevenness, beheading, water content control instability, resulting in foreign equipment acclimatized.

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