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China's composite paper tank industry
Oct 26, 2017

In 2005, China's composite paper tank industry has been involved in potato, tea, chicken, candy, coffee, chocolate, liquor, red wine, spices, refined salt, seeds, veterinary drugs, underwear, pesticides, cosmetics and other fields. Foreign trademark printing with a richer element, the quality of the product has also been greatly improved. But the whole industry is still a labor-intensive enterprises, most of the labeling, cover, including the volume, pipe cut by the staff to complete the manual, customer orders are small, frequent changes in product printing information is caused by this phenomenon The main factor.

Since the "Sanlu milk powder" incident, the state attaches great importance to food safety, in a short period of time the introduction of food packaging materials, health requirements of a series of regulations, regulations. For the composite paper tank business involving food packaging, it must pass the national QS certification of food packaging permission. So that the domestic composite paper cans to be classified, standardized. The same period the National Standards Committee, in conjunction with the Beijing Environmental Protection Paper Packaging Company and Beijing Music Food Co., Ltd. has developed a more stringent national standards. For the size of the paper cans, crushed up degrees, health indicators, test methods have more detailed and more stringent requirements. GB / T 10440-2008 [1] more effective norms of the development of domestic paper cans for the orderly development of the industry laid a good foundation.

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