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China's composite paper cans industry started
Oct 24, 2017

Consumers in the late 1990s prefer to pack those beautifully packaged and easy to use. From the use of packaging manufacturers, the original ordinary carton, plastic bag packaging may make the added value of the product smaller, replace the new packaging allows companies to seize more profits. In this case began to choose some of the more innovative packaging.

In 1996, some paper packaging enterprises in Taiwan through the coastal cities to invest and build factories, some of the new packaging ideas and technology into the country. At that time there was a business, the Xiamen production of composite tea cans transported to Beijing, a small van loaded paper cans worth a 21-inch color TV value. At that time the profits can be said to be profiteering. Since then, the popularity of tea composite paper cans has led to the use of composite paper cans in other industries.

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